About this demo


Our new WishTxt app allows customers to track their favourite products and notifies them with timely and relevant updates through channels they actually use; SMS (& WhatsApp coming soon).

When there are changes to the product, then notifications (Back in Stock, Low Stock, Price Drop or Abandoned Cart) will automatically be sent via SMS or WhatsApp.

How to test?

Favourite items on our store on either the homepage, collection or on the product page by simply clicking the 'Heart' button. 

The Wishlist widget will appear and ask you to either opt-in via SMS or WhatsApp. For SMS you'll need to add your phone number when prompted and for WhatsApp, the WhatsApp app will open and you'll need to send the opt-in message.

Once that's done, please email walter@shoppop.com and we'll change the product stock, which will in turn trigger the automated notifications that will be sent directly into your inbox.



How do I make a dummy purchase on this store?

To simulate a successful transaction, use the following information when you are asked for credit card details at checkout:


  • Card number: 1
  • Name on card: John Doe (enter at least two words)
  • Expiry date: 01/99 (enter any date in the future)
  • Security code: 111 (enter any three digits)

How can I reset the demo and all it's widgets?

Some widgets are smart, and they don't appear again when you've already opted-in in the past. To reset all widgets, Right click > Inspect Element on the site (in Google Chrome) and go to Application > Storage > Clear site data. This will in some cases also sign you out of Facebook. So beware that you'll have to sign in to Facebook (and ShopPop) again.